Top 5 Must-Have Baby Products

With the endless lists of whosits and whatsits and thingamajigs, it’s hard to know what you really need for your new baby.

Here are the TOP FIVE baby products I’ve found to be invaluable as a parent and postpartum doula:

  1. Boppy
    • Why it’s awesome: It offers support as you cradle baby in your arms, and the elevated position helps with posture – your back and shoulders will thank you! It can also be a tool for older children who want to hold the new baby (plus, it frees up a hand for you to snap a quick pic of the sweetness). As baby grows, it works great for tummy-time, lounging on a play mat, and as safety net for a baby who’s learning to sit unassisted.
  2. Rock ‘n Play
    • Why it’s awesome: It’s collapsible, portable, lightweight, and the padding is machine-washable. Its height and design make it easy to get baby in and out. What’s not to love?
  3. Swaddle (favorite brands: SwaddleMe or Halo)
    • Why it’s awesome: A swaddle can mimic the cozy environment of the womb, and help baby feel safe and secure. Additionally, it prevents their Moro reflex from startling them awake.
    • Safety Tips: Be sure to use the correct size for your baby. One that’s too big can be a suffocation risk if baby wiggles free. The AAP recommends you stop swaddling prior to baby learning to roll over. 
  4. Baby Carrier
    • Why it’s awesome: Baby is happy because they’re nestled closely to their parent, and you have your hands free to go about your day – cooking, cleaning, working, running errands, and/or chasing your older children around. Our local Babywearing International chapter can help you find a carrier that’s perfect for you.
  5. Baby Monitor
    • Why it’s awesome: Need to take a shower? Want to enjoy your morning cup of coffee on the porch? Visiting a friend or family member? A monitor allows you to keep an ear (and sometimes an eye) on a sleeping baby without having to be in the same room or jumping at every sound you hear.

Even on its best days, parenting can be a demanding, exhausting, and overwhelming job. You want products that will make your life easier and allow you to work smarter, not harder.



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